Prudence and Insight


Having secured a foothold in garment OEM business for decades, Roo Hsing has laid a solid foundation in the apparel industry. Looking into the future, we will concentrate our efforts in vertical integration to provide the best integrated services for the fashion industry and apply ourselves to creating sustainable values and a brand-new future for the industry with care, communication and innovation.

Richly cultivating in Taiwan and reaching out to the world


Roo Hsing has invested in solid research and development, introduced automated manufacturing process and warehousing, implemented centralized logistic management and ERP systems to create maximum benefits, take the lead of changes and keep roots in Taiwan, while aiming to operate our business in a global context: continuously expanding production capacities in various countries in Asia, America and Africa to boost the economy. Roo Hsing will carry on value creation for the fashion industry with more optimized and advanced means.

Green conception Sustainable Roo hsing


With consistent self-expectations and commitment to protect environment, to fulfill corporate social responsibility and to be a sustainable business, Roo Hsing has successively invested in apparel laser machines, cleaning equipment using ozone technology and expansion of reclaimed water system, sparing no efforts in energy conservation and carbon reduction. We promise to o seek continual improvement on environmental impacts related to our operation and activities.